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Cesenatico and Valverde
History, traditions, Leonardo da Vinci’s canal harbour, east and west sea, “Museo della Marineria”

Leonardo da Vinci’s canal harbour: The heart of Cesenatico is constituted by Leonardo da Vinci’s canal harbour. In 1502, on Cesare Borgia behalf, it has been object of a relief and of a panorama made by Leonardo da Vinci. Along the harbour there are monuments and places of great importance: Pisacane square with Giuseppe Garibaldi’s monument, the fish market of the early 20th century, the delightful Conserve square vestiges of the early quay with pilings.

Conserve square: A few steps from Leonardo da Vinci’s Canal Harbour, so named for the presence of the ancient Conserve, wells with a conical shape that in ancient times were used to preserve fish and foodstuff, chilled with ice or with compressed snow gathered into the wells.

House Museum Marino Moretti: Moretti House is the home of the poet and writer Marino Moretti, inherited by Cesenatico district to preserve his library and the archive with the manuscripts and the letters, together with the original furnishing. Moretti House has become a House-Museum where the visitor can travel through an imaginary journey in the literary twentieth century together with one of its absolute protagonist.

Museo della Marineria: The On Land Section of the “Museo della Marineria”: where the visitor can find a wide and splendid itinerary dedicated to the upper and middle Adriatic traditional navy. Around the “trabaccolo” and the “bragozzolo”, two big boats placed in the centre of the pavilion, stretches a visit path through finds, film clips of the period, didactic installations and 3D animations, that shows structure and construction of the traditional boats and their means of propulsion and direction. The Floating Section of the Museum, where the visitor can find anchored ten traditional boats with their colourful “vele al terzo” marked by the emblem of the families of the fishermen.

The skyscraper: Built in 1958 it is the symbol of the city, the 33 floors building, with its 115 metres high, has been for a long time the highest skyscraper in Europe.

Spazio Pantani: A multi-media museum dedicated to the “Pirate”, who was born in Cesenatico in 1970. 300 square metres of exposition where there are photos, relics, t-shirts and documents of the sport achievements of Pantani’s life. All revenue generated from the ticket entrances and from the gadgets sales becomes a contribution for beneficial projects. You can find it next to Cesenatico railway station, here you can book guided tours.

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